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Sample Elementary School Library:
This is a reproduction of school library newsletter. The newsletter was distributed each month in print to classroom teachers and families and was available as a link from the library Web page. Each underlined term was a link that directed readers to another page the school library Web site.

Gale Library Newsletter

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May 2001

AZ Young Readers Award Nominees

Each spring Gale students participate in the Arizona Young Readers Award (AzYRA) voting. This year What! Cried Granny by Kate Lum earned the best picture book; Weslandia by Paul Fleischman earned the best chapter book. We have posted the list of AzYRA books nominated for the year 2002. They are great selections for your summer reading. We will be voting for our favorites in February 2002.

Summer Reading

The Tucson-Pima Public Library's Summer Reading Program is called 2001: A Reading Odyssey. Go to your nearest public library after May 24th to sign up. As children read and record their time, they can earn prizes. Reading is a great way to spend your summer and the best way to be ready for school in the fall. Our school Web site has a list of suggested books for students at every grade level.

What's New on the Gale Home Page?

Mrs. Ellis's Adventure Room published their group poem about their giant ladybug model. Students also wrote individual poems about the insects they created from clay.

Mrs. Wood's Wildcats published their Patricia Polacco Author Study. Small groups read one of her personal narrative books and shared their experience with the class. Their Web publishing includes an illustration and their personal responses to the books.

The Sky Room is publishing some of the delicious poems they've written in Writer's Workshop. Students have been meeting in the library to hear, write, and share poems. Reading their poems will make you hungry!

Ms. Lee's Jigglepops completed their Dr. Seuss Author/Illustrator Study. Check out their Cat in the Hat illustrations! This month Ms. Lee shared her students' Ted DeGrazia Artist Study at the International Reading Association Conference in New Orleans.

The April-May Treasure Hunt has been posted. Congratulations to all the classrooms that participated in the March Hunt. Two classrooms will earn a copy of In the Swim by Douglas Florian in the drawing on May 9th.

Collaboration Notes

Mrs. Thomson's class is reading books by mystery author John Bellairs. After visiting his Web site and reviewing the characteristics of mystery stories, students selected a title to read with a small group. Sudents who love the Harry Potter books also enjoy John Bellairs stories.

Mrs. Well's third-fourth grade students wrote poems for Poem in the Pocket Day. They used exceptional word choice and included feelings and sensory images. Some students illustrated their poems as well. They evaluated their own work with a four-point rubric.

Mrs. Ellis's students used excellent word choice to compose their insect poems based on the clay insects they made with Mrs. Ross in art class. You can see their work in the display case in the library hallway.

Mrs. Harding and Mrs. Montaño's kindergarten classes revisited the culture of Mexico. In addition to hearing a Mexican folktale, they made sombreros and danced the Mexican Hat Dance!

Mrs. Pickeral's class has been conducting literature circles. Smaller groups have given more students the opportunity to share their ideas and personal responses to the books.

Thank You

Mrs. Petersen and I would like to thank all of the volunteers who have made our jobs in the Gale School Library so much easier and much more fun! The 48 (!) Library Student Aides, the 11 Gale Homepage Committee Members, and our faithful and professional Adult Volunteers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank You, Too

Thank you to everyone in the Gale School community who has made my work in the Gale Library a challenging and joyful experience. Next year I will be working to complete my degree at the University and will miss all of you. I'm wishing you the very best as you keep moving on the path of learning. Your friend, Ms. M.

See you in the library!
Ms. M. and Mrs. Petersen

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