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In what other ways do plants help animals?

What do you already know about the relationships between plants and animals?

What are some examples of plants giving shelter to animals?
What are some examples of plants providing food for animals?

Here are two photographs of other examples of plants providing shelter.

Photograph of pupa under leaf

This butterfly pupa is attached to the underside of a plant in the *riparian* habitat along Sabino Creek. The leaves of the plant are providing shelter to the developing insect.

What do you notice about the color of the leaves and the color of the pupa? What is the scientific word for this? Check your answer.

Photograph of mite eggs/galls

This plant is called canyon ragweed. Notice the yellowish colored bumps on the leaves. These are called "galls." Galls form on the plant where it has been injured just like your body makes a scab to protect a cut while your skin is healing.

Mites laid their eggs on the leaves of the ragweed. To protect itself, the plant formed galls. The galls not only protect the plant but also help the mites by keeping their eggs safe until they hatch.


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