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Mask by Lizzy

Mask by Lizzy Theriault

"Masks have the ability to conceal, change, or transform the 'person' behind the image into something or someone else. This metaphoric 'else,' this 'as if' quality of masks makes them both playful and powerful, and relates them to ritual, religion, and myth. Masks allow us to pretend, and much more."
Ulrich, George. "Masks". LORE 39.3. 1989.
Searching the Web for cultural mask resources is difficult. The majority of Web sites are commercial sites that have little or no background information about the masks offered for sale (The domain for these sites is .com.). This list of Web links will save you a great deal of time. You are, of course, welcome to conduct your own Web search. Remember: Our library has great print resources on masks from many cultures.
Search Strategy:
Topic + Focus (and try your search first without commercial Web sites!)
Example: Africa +mask

General Information About Masks:
Use the "Find (on this page)" under the Edit Menu in order to locate information on your specific culture.
Masks from the Collection of Ken Suslick (photos only) :

Musée internationale du Carnaval et du Masque - This museum is located in Belgium. The site is in French:

African Masks:
African Mask History, Rebirth African Art:  
African Masks (photographs only):  
Art of the African Mask, University of Virginia:  
Faces of the Dead: Egyptian Mummy Masks:  
Masks of Africa, Museum of Ancient and Modern Art:  

Asian Masks:

Noh Mask by Beth Bachman

Noh Mask

Ceremonial Masks from Java and Bali Indonesia:
Ceremonial Masks of Mongolia:
Masks of India:
Masks: Reflection of Culture and Religion (India):
New Guinea Masks:
Noh and Oni Masks:
Noh Mask History, Media Information Science Laboratories, Kyoto, Japan:

Central and South America:  
Dominican Republic:  
Guatemalan Masks:  


Venetian Mask by Christia Muntean

Venetian Mask by Christia Muntean

Masks in the Ancient Greek Theatre:
Venetian Masks:

North American Masks:

Mask by Joanna Vercel

Mexican Mask by Joanna Vercel

Alaska: The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks:
Mexican Masks:
West Coast Indian Art Tribal Masks:
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