Poetic Devices

Defined and Selected
for Elementary Students

by Judi Moreillon

Illustrated with Masks
by Sabino High School Students

Beth's mask
Japanese Noh Mask
by Beth

Author (Last name, First name):

Alarcón, Francisco X.

Title (of book): Laughing Tomatoes and Other Spring Poems/Jitomates risueños y otros poemas de primavera
"Title of Poem": "Morning Sun"/"Sol matutino"
Page Number(s): 6
Author (Last name, First name):

Grimes, Nikki

Title (of book): A Pocketful of Poems
"Title of Poem": "Mooon"
Page Number(s): 12
Author (Last name, First name):

Havill, Juanita

Title (of book): I Heard It From Alice Zuchchini: Poems from the Garden
"Title of Poem": "Garden Lullaby"
Page Number(s): 24-25
Author (Last name, First name):

Hughes, Langston

Title (of book): The Dream Keeper and Other Poems
"Title of Poem": "Winter Moon"
Page Number(s): 3
Author (Last name, First name):

Livingston, Myra Cohn

Title (of book): Celebrations
"Title of Poem": "Valentine"
Page Number(s): 10
Author (Last name, First name):

Myers, Walter Dean

Title (of book): Harlem
"Title of Poem": "Harlem"
Page Number(s): unpaged
Author (Last name, First name):

Prelutsky, Jack

Title (of book): The New Kid on the Block
"Title of Poem": "Clara Creech"
Page Number(s): 10
Author (Last name, First name):

Silverstein, Shel

Title (of book): A Light in the Attic
"Title of Poem": ""Clooney the Clown"
Page Number(s): 74

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