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IRLS 581: School Library Administration and Organization
School of Information Resources and Library Science
University of Arizona

Fall 2007

Course Facilitator: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

Teaching and Learning Resources:

My educational philosophy and the 7 Principles of Undergraduate Education guide my work. Although I have been teaching both undergraduate and graduate students since 1995, I believe these principles apply to all adult learners (and to children and youth as well).

These are links to the resources I've created for student access. I used a tool by Macromedia called "Breeze."

Welcome to IRLS 581: School Library Administration
This PowerPoint with audio/video introduces the course texts and my own journey as a teacher-librarian. This was my first attempt. It is fatally flawed but many students commented on its impact on their motivation to partcipate in the course. (32 minutes)

Collaboration: Building Partnerships for Learning and Teaching - Part 1
This PowerPoint was created in 2000. I added audio. It includes photos to illustrate the Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning. This segment is the introduction and the first three standards. (21 minutes)

Collaboration: Building Partnerships for Learning and Teaching - Part 2
This segment illustrates Standards 4-6. (7 minutes)

Collaboration: Building Partnerships for Learning and Teaching - Part 3
This segment illustrates Standards 7-9. (Actually, I added Standard 10 as well.) (14 minutes)

Cooperation and Collaboration: Service in the School Library
This audio/video enhanced PowerPoint helps students prepare to write their school library services assignment as well as begin to consider various aspects of collaborative planning and teaching. (54 minutes)

Metaphors for Collaborative Work
This audio/video enhanced PowerPoint includes the story of the Cathedral of Chartres from Robert Fulgum's book It Was On Fire When I Lay Down on It. (11 minutes)

The Planning Process Deconstructed: Metacognitivie Support for Your Collaborative Lesson Plan Assignment
The audio enhanced PowerPoint focuses on initiating collaborative projects and completing a collaborative planning form. (35 minutes)

Web-based Resources:

Brochure for High School Classroom Teachers
This was created in 2003 for CRTs at Sabino High School (pdf file).

Collaborative Lesson Plan Assignment
This link takes students to a sample collaborative lesson that includes a completed collaborative planning form, resources, including an Internet pathfinder, and materials students will need to complete the lesson.

Elementary School Library Newsletter
This is a reproduction of a 2001 school library newsletter.

Internet Use Policies
This Web page was created to help students begin their research on IUPs and AUPs.

These vignettes share true stories from my learing experiences as an elementary and high school teacher-librarian. Under construction - new postings weekly.

Midterm Examination

Final Examination

In this classroom, everyone is a student; everyone is a teacher.

Last updated: 2 December 2007