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Billy the Kid

Freshmen English students at Cienega High School read Billy the Kid. University of Arizona graduate students who read the book and reviewed it for this Web site asked the high school students questions about author Theodore Taylor's portrayal of Billy the Kid.

---Do you think it's justifiable for Theodore Taylor to change the facts so much, since he is writing fiction? Why or Why not?:

"yes I believe that it was a good idea to change the facts to make the story more interesting so more people will read this story!"
~ Jeffrey

"i think that it is ok that you change some of the facts so the book is better and like that"
~ mike

"Maybe. We do not now wath Billy in his life so it's ok to change some facts."
~ sarah

---Is it ever OK to rewrite history? Why or Why not?:

"No, you should not rewrite history because history has been made. If you change it, then you'll be telling a lie."
~ Sarah

"I guess it is okay to change some parts of it because it would kinda mix it up and it would just be totally weird because we wouldn't know what they were talking about."

The Cienega students made "Wanted" posters for Billy and the "Smith" Family. Students created comic strips based on the characters and plot.

Sarah's Wanted Poster


Cesar's Wanted Poster


Harrison's Wanted Poster


Isaac's Wanted Poster