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The Fire Stealers

After examining Hopi kachinas and pottery, fifth-grade students in Ms. Webb's class listened to the book. As a class, we webbed the four animals depicted in the story, the reason each was sent to retrieve fire, and how the experience changed the physical characteristics of that animal, the pourquoi part of the story. We brainstormed desert animals then students chose a particular animal and created their own webs that included why the animal was chosen and the way the fire changed the animal's appearance. From these webs, students wrote their narrative poems. They created borders for their work based on the Hopi designs they found in The Fire Stealers and on Hopi pottery. This is a sample of the students' fine work.

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This is Cheyanne's narrative poem, Prairie Dog.

This is Mario's narrative poem, Roadrunner.
This is Chelsie's narrative poem, Bobcat.

This is Dylan's narrative poem,  The Rascal Raccoon.



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