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The House of the Scorpion

Junior English students at Cienega High School read The House of the Scorpion. Several of their projects are posted to this site, including the map, eulogies, and tombstone/urn drawings on this page, students' candy skulls, and their ideas for a sequel, which are posted on additional pages.


A map drawing of the country of Opium
This is a map of the country of Opium.


The students wrote eulogies for El Patron, the Lord of Opium, and they imagined his tombstone or urn as well.

El Patron was a powerful man but not as powerful and cunning as the President of the United States. I do have to admit that I will miss the old fool because he was funny and had knowledge of everything, like opium. He was an old powerful, smart, and rich man but he didn't have an army of henchmen. Let the old man rest in peace in the tomb of the scorpion!!!!!! Bruce

You were a great leader of a place we know as Opium. You made a difference in our lives and put smiles on our faces. You gave us strength by using hate and anger upon us which will now help us in today's future. We'll never forget the great leader of Opium, El Patron. Maria

The candles symbolize all of the significant events in El Patron's long life and the things that he created. The first candle symbolizes his brothers and sister because they all died young The second candle symbolizes all the eejits because he basically created them The third candle symbolizes the country of Opium because he ran a good part of Opium The forth candle symbolizes El Patron because he out lasted his time. Josh

Alex's tombstone drawing

Tombstone by Alex

Ernie's urn drawing

Urn by Ernie

Britany's tombstone drawing

Tombstone by Brittany

Hawk's tombstone drawing

Tombstone by Hawk

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