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Southwest Children's and Young Adult Literature Web Site

I facilitate the work of preservice classroom teachers and graduate education, library science, and English students as they publish their work on the Southwest Children's Literature Web Site. The site contains reviews of over 125 books as well as children's responses to the literature. In addition, there are interviews with authors and illustrators and lesson plans. The site earned the 2006 Exemplary University Department Web Site Award from the Arizona Technology in Education Alliance.

Sabino Canyon Web Site: The Web of Life

I created this Web site to support students and teachers in their study of the ecology of Sabino Canyon, which is a recreation area in the Santa Catalina Mountains on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona. In addition to information and photographs, the site contains piggyback songs composed to help learners remember what they've learned about the Sonoran Desert.

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Desert Duets: Sonoran Desert Poems for Two Voices

This site will support students' investigations into the Sonoran Desert animals featured in my book of poems. I will post information not found in Desert Duets: Sonoran Desert Poems for Two Voices here. In addition, I will also provide links to print and online resources for students' further inquiry and research.

Last updated: 1 January 2020

Judi Moreillon: Home | Author | Educator | Advocate