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Photo of Judi coteaching with Rochelle Thompson
Judi Moreillon
Coteaching with 5th-grade Teacher Rochelle Thomson

Workshops for Educators

I conduct workshops on classroom-library collaboration, coteaching reading comprehension strategies, advocacy for school librarianship, information literacy, technology tools integration, early literacy, and storytelling.

Presentations and Keynote Addresses

I believe in sharing my learning. Whenever possible, I copresent my work with colleagues and collaborators.

Course Syllabi

I am a recently retired associate professor from the School of Library and Information Studies at Texas Woman's University in Denton.

I am a literacies and libraries consultant. In 2003, I earned a Ph.D. from the Department of Language, Reading and Culture, University of Arizona; my research focus was media and literacy. I earned a Master's degree from the School of Information Resources and Library Science, University of Arizona, in 1992. I have  graduate students at the university level from 1995 - 2016. These are the course topics I taught: classroom-library instructional partnerships, multimedia resources and services, early literacy, writing, children's and young adult literature, elementary curriculum, social studies methods, electronic and information literacy, and storytelling.

As a teacher-librarian, I collaborated for thirteen years with classroom teachers and students in Tucson-area junior high and high school and K-5 school libraries -- to integrate literature and information literacy skills into the curriculum. I have also served as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, district-level teacher-librarian mentor, preservice classroom teacher and teacher-librarian educator. Literature and libraries are my passions.

In my research agenda, I focus on learning more about how school librarians learn to value and practice the instructional partner role in order to make a positive impact on student achievement. In addition, I advocate for educating preservice and inservice classroom teachers, specialists, and principals about the benefits of classroom-library collaboration for instruction. You can access a longitudinal research study I conducted on preservice and novice classroom teachers' understanding and practice of classroom-library collaboration. My dissertation focused on the effectiveness of a week-long technology workshop to influence university-level educators' teaching practices toward a student-centered curriculum.

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