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Research Agenda - Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

My research agenda revolves around studying collaborative teaching and effective strategies for integrating 21st-century tools and learning opportunities into the K-18 environment. My specific focus is on classroom-library collaboration for standards-based instruction.

Two Heads Are Better Than One:
The Factors Influencing the Understanding and Practice of Classroom-Library Collaboration

I have recently completed a longitudinal case study that began with undergraduate elementary teacher education students in the fall of 2004. My goal was to learn about the development of their understanding and practices related to classroom-library collaboration.

During their coursework, I provided interventions focused on building study participants' background knowledge and experience with collaborative planning and teaching. The interventions included deconstructing classroom-library lesson plans, a panel of exemplary collaborating teacher-librarian/classroom teacher/principal teams, reading research, and my own testimonials about my personal experiences as a collaborating teacher-librarian.

These are the four survey instruments I used:

Pre-Preservice Education Survey (pdf file)

Post-Preservice Education Survey (pdf file)

Post-Student Teaching Experience Survey (pdf file)

Post-First Year of Classroom Teaching Experience Survey (pdf file)

In addition to the online surveys, I conducted a focus group interview with study participants after their student teaching experience. Volunteers from the focus group provided videotaped testimonials that are accessible online. I followed these educators through their first year of classroom teaching, which concluded in May 2007.

The preliminary report was published in October of 2005: Two Heads Are Better than One: The Factors Influencing the Understanding and Practice of Classroom-Library Collaboration: Preliminary Report on the Pilot Study. (October 2005). Understanding in the Library: Conference Proceedings of the Treasure Mountain Research Retreat #12, Pittsburgh, PA. Spring, TX: LMC Source.

The final report on the case study, Two Heads Are Better than One: The Factors Influencing Preservice Classroom Teachers' Understanding and Practice of Classroom-Library Collaboration, was presented at Into the Center of the Curriculum, the October 2007 Treasure Mountain Research Retreat #13 in Reno, Nevada.

A Study of Technology-Centered University Faculty Development: People, Place and Process
My dissertation research explored what kinds of support university faculty need in order to utilize technology as a tool for designing and implementing student-centered, constructivist learning experiences.

Why integrate the World Wide Web? As a K-12 teacher-librarian and as a university faculty, I have facilitated electronic research and Web publication. The Web is quite simply the preferred communication tool and information delivery tool for today's youth.

I have published two articles on action research studies related to integrating technology tools into children's literature courses for preservice teachers:

Digital Discussion: La Esperanza in the Shared Virtual Classroom. (2003). Reading Online, 6(10). Available from,

What Does Technology Have to Do With It? Integrating Technology Tools into A Children's Literature Course. (2001, September). Reading Online, 5(2). Available from,

Lesson Plans:
In addition, I have also published two peer-reviewed classroom-library lesson plans.

Behind the Masks: Exploring Culture and Self through Art and Poetry. (2004). Available from,

Peace Poems and Picasso Doves: Literature, Art, Technology, and Poetry. (2003). Available from,

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