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Reading Comprehension Strategies and Information Literacy
through Classroom-Library Collaboration
and Author Visits/Storytelling Workshops

Reading Comprehension Strategies and Information Literacy Workshops:
I begin by facilitating discussions about the opportunity for teacher-librarians to engage in explicit instruction in reading comprehension strategies - with an emphasis on classroom teacher and specialist and teacher-librarian collaboration. Using think-aloud protocols, the workshop experience provides opportunities to strengthen participants' understanding of reading comprehension strategies while improving their instructional practices. I integrate children's and young adult literature, research-based instructional strategies and information literacy into the work. Materials for participants include bibliographies, graphic organizers, and rubric assessments.

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Synthesize the research related to reading comprehension strategies and effective instructional practices.
2. Design sample lesson plans and library programs that directly address reading comprehension strategies and information literacy for pre-K-12th-grade students.
3. Develop strategies to strengthen and increase the impact of collaboration between librarians, classroom teachers, and families to support reading comprehension.
4. Identify specific opportunities for sharing these practices in the school learning community.

For my presentations related to coteaching reading comprehension strategies, please see my presentations wiki.

Author Visits and Storytelling Workshops:

Make It Real --- Fun! - This all-day elementary school author visit involves sharing oral stories and my book Read to Me with primary children and sharing oral stories and the process of writing and publishing Sing Down the Rain with intermediate students. This day can be extended to include a one- to two-hour after school workshop for educators focusing on storytelling in the classroom and library.

Storytelling: Building Classroom Communities - This half-day workshop for educators focuses on how to use story to develop a classroom or a school learning community. The premise is that sharing our stories builds bridges for empathy, understanding, and growth.

StoryTeller, StoryWriter - This half-day workshop for educators focuses on how to use storytelling to develop students' writing skills. By internalizing story elements and the narrative frame, students have the tools they need to be more effective authors.

Storytelling/Poetry Workshops and Presentations:

  • Tucson Area Reading Council
  • Ocotillo East Reading Council
  • Arizona Reading Association
  • Arizona State Museum
  • The Extended University, University of Arizona
  • Huachuca Area Reading Council

Updated: 20 September 2017

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