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Student Poems from the Arizona Young Authors Conference
Casa Grande
26 February 2005

In a workshop called "Poems about Place," these 2nd through 6th-grade students brainstormed topics, webbed sensory images, and composed these poems. (My apologies to the students in Session #1. I'm sorry we ran out of time; I completed the poem for us.)

Some Library

Some kids tapping on tables.
Some kids clicking on keys.

Some books like jumping beans
popping off the shelves at me.

Some kids whispering stories
sweet as a balmy breeze.

Some kids with frosting cheeks
picking birthday books for free.

Some book racks spinning
like a carousel - such dizzy things.

Some kids snoring softly.
Some librarian shushing loudly.

Some library.

Session #1


Drooling for Mr. G's

Hear the stomping sneakers and laughing teachers
With grumbling, growling stomachs kids run
To recess time at Mary Elizabeth Post

Hungry screaming and chasing
the soccer ball on the wet green field,
hands slipping on greasy jungle gyms

Kids wiping sweet sweat
from their foreheads
till the teacher's whistle blows

And the wind changes
And wafts la aroma déliciosa
de tacos y tamales y burritos

While the kids sadly march off
to the school cafeteria
drooling for a taste of Mr. G's

Session #2


Don't Go In There

Danielle spits spitballs on the walls.
Jimmy writes graffiti on the messy stalls.

Keith makes t.p. teepees on the tiled floor.
Sonia sprays hairspray behind the bathroom door.

Mark squeezes pink slimy soap on the toilet seat.
Victoria ditches class to eat forbidden treats.

So when nature calls. It isn't fair.
Try to hold it. Don't go in there!

Session #3

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