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Poems Composed by Elvira Elementary School Poets
7 March 2008

Students composed and illustrated group or individual poems. We brainstormed ideas related to topics we all knew very well - food and school! These are some of the student poets' poems.

Terrific Treat

Spicy chile chip
hot air explodes!
boiling saliva burns
in the back of your mouth...


Tasty, salty, fiery sting!
scrumptious devil treat
crunch, crumbly, munchy
makes you want




Red stains everywhere...

Hot Cheetos!

Third-grade Poets



Wet, soft, itchy green grass
Phew! Here come the sweaty sneakers

Ouch! Flying sky high
Whomp! Hard head

Weeeeee! Flying sky high...
Ow! Cleat feet


Caught in the net!

(I need a massage.)

Fourth-grade Poets

Small Group Food Poems by Second-grade Students

Strawberry sugar,
strawberry with chocolate chip ice cream
strawberry soup,
strawberry waffles,
strawberry spaghetti,
strawberry whipped cream,
strawberry pizza,
strawberries with chicken and water and joy.

Can you guess?

We love strawberries!
Yum! Yum!

Tasty tomato sauce
Crunchy crust
fresh made
spicy triangle slice
pepperoni pizza!

Tasty triangle,
Oily on the top
Cheesy cheese,
Crunchy, crusty crust

Nicey, icey
creamy, dreamy
crunchy chips, fudgy
white and brown, melting
chocolatey vanilla ice cream

Updated: 12 March 2008

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