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Found Poem Poetry Pathfinder

Selected by Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

This pathfinder will help students locate poetry and quotations online for their "found poetry" project.

American Verse Project - This site contains American verse published before 1920. Search by author, title, and word. This site is hosted by the University of Michigan.

Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Page - The site contains both contemporary and classic poetry (and fiction) and includes audio files of poets reading their work. This is a poetry "current events" site.

Bartleby.com - Search the verse section of this site.

PBS Poetry Page- Search the "Find a Poem" page.

Poetry 180: A Poem a Day - This resource was created by former poet laureate Billy Collins to encourage high school students to read and hear poetry every day of the school year. Check out the list of 180 poems and link to the poems. Poetry Daily - In addition to a daily new poem from new books, magazines, and journals, this site offers an anthology of contemporary poetry.

Poetry Foundation - This site has a "poetry tool" that allows users to search by various criteria. It also has podcasts and video, including a video by poet Elizabeth Alexander as she reflects on inauguration reading.

Quotation Sites:

Bartleby.com - The reference section of Bartleby.com has three quotation sources.

Quotableonline - If you search by subject, you may have to edit the URL. Simply replace "subjecta" with the letter of the alphabet you are searching, such as "subjectn" to look for "night" quotations. It's a bit funky to use, but the quotes are excellent.

The Quotations Page - This site includes a subject index.

Quoteland - The quotes are good and the topics searches are great - but this site has advertisements that offend me (all about women and fat).

For the Found Poem Final Project:

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For creating a Works Cited page: Easybib.com

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