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Pathfinder: Harlem Renaissance
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Billie Holiday

List of Artists and Musicians

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These resources will help you as you conduct your search to answer your questions about Harlem Renaissance artists and musicians.

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Harlem Renaissance YouTube Video: What's wrong with this video???

CD: The Harlem Renaissance Remembered performed by Jonathan Gross and “Mack” Jay Jordon (58 minutes)

DVD: Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem Renaissance (based on the Newark Museum exhibit) (60 minutes)

Ready Reference:

Google Advanced Search - Person's Name and Harlem Renaissance

Trade Books:

See the Text Set link and your school and public library catalogs.


Consult your school or public librarian for additional database resources.

Biography Resource Center - If your library has access to this database, access it with your username and password.

Literature Resource Center
- If your library has access to this database, access it with your username and password.

Web Sites to Build Harlem Renaissance Background or Information about the Artists and Musicians:

John Carroll University: Harlem Renaissance Multimedia Resource. This site includes information about education, performers, French connection, literature, political issues, religion and philosophy.

Library of Congress: A Guide to Harlem Renaissance Resources

Liminal: A Question of Position: This Web page offers background information about the Harlem Renaissance.

A Night Club Map of Harlem, circa 1932 - Linked from the Big Think Blog Harlem Renaissance Lesson Plan Resources. (This site includes general resources as well as ones for specific authors and musicians.)

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