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Poetry Resources and Poems:

Poetry Resources Page: I have collected and/or composed some poetry resources for students and teachers to support studying and writing poetry.

This is a downloadable bookmark to support your work with students during Poetry Month (pdf file).

Here are two of my own poems.

This poem is for teachers who feel the mixed emotions of saying "so long" to their students at the end of the school year. It's called "they come, and they go."

I wrote this poem for my father. It's called "Dancing on Daddy's Big Feet."

Students' Poems:
I am often invited to schools to conduct writers' workshops with students. These poems were authored by students at Elvira Elementary School in Tucson in the spring of 2008.

Here are some student-authored poems from the Arizona Young Authors Conference in Casa Grande, Arizona, 26 February 2005.

Tucson Festival of Books - Coming soon! Children composed these pieces during a writer's workshop called "Bring on the Rain! Creating Stories about Rain in the Southwest." Authors Joan Sandin, Roni Capin Ashford-Rivera, and Judi Moreillon read from their books and then guided young participants in creating these pieces.

Updated: 8 November 2010

Judi Moreillon: Home | Author | Educator | Advocate