I live in the Sonoran Desert with my husband, our Standard Poodles Pearl and Teddy (pictured), and two Sonoran Desert tortoises. In addition to reading and writing children’s and professional books and articles, I collect beautiful picturebooks, swim when the air is warm, walk in the foothills year round, and write many poems that will never be published. I especially enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets reflected on the many faces of the Santa Catalina Mountains that rise up behind our home.

I am a literacies and libraries consultant. I earned both a master’s degree in library science and a PhD in education at the University of Arizona. I taught preservice school librarians for twenty-five years. My research and publications focus on school librarian leadership and classroom teacher – school librarian instructional partnerships and the connection between teaching information literacy and reading comprehension.

Teaching Books gave me the opportunity to record how to pronounce my last name and what it means.

My background and experience in education include:

  • 5th-grade classroom teacher,
  • elementary literacy coach,
  • K-8 classroom teacher educator,
  • collaborating school librarian at all three instructional levels, and
  • K-12 school librarian educator, retired as an associate professor from Texas Woman’s University

I am the author of four professional books for school librarians and classroom teachers, and recently edited and contributed to a fifth book Core Values in School Librarianship: Responding with Commitment and Courage (Libraries Unlimited 2021). I earned the 2019 Scholastic Publishing Award. See the Professional Books section on this website.

You can access my curriculum vitae and presentations archive on my pbworks wiki.

I have also published four books for children and families and have written many more stories. So far, my grandchildren are the audience for those unpublished works. See the Children’s Books and Sites section on this website.

I am a staunch advocate for full-time state-certified school librarians in every K-12 school, the literacy leadership role of school librarians, and early childhood and family literacy. I tweet @CactusWoman and blogged at School Librarian Leadership.com (now an archive) for twelve years.

Land Statement Acknowledgment: I post to this website and share information from my home in northeast Tucson, Arizona, which is built upon the traditional homelands of the Tohono O’odham and their ancestors the Hohokam. Their care and keeping of this land allow me to live and work here today.

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