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Sample Student Wiki: Wellness
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For students and educators who cannot access wikis from their school computers, this page is a reproduction of a sample student wiki found at: http://impact11wellness.wikispaces.com/

Wellness Homepage

What are my questions about health and wellness?

What is my plan for becoming healthier and maintaining wellness in my life?

Initial Questions: Based on the Subcategories of the School's Annual Physical Examination Form


What should my height and weight be for a person my age and gender?

What should be the content of my diet if I want to reach and maintain a healthy height and weight?


What is my vision in each eye?

What are the best behaviors or exercises to keep my vision strong?


What is my pulse rate?

What is my blood pressure?

What do these numbers mean and do they matter?

How can I take better care of my skin?

Initial Questions: Based on My Background Knowledge about Health and Wellness


Where can I collect data to determine the calorie counts in my favorite foods?

How can I eat healthy but still enjoy my favorite (fast!) food?


How much aerobic exercise do I get each week?

What should my heart rate be when I am exercising?

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