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Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact

Pathfinder: Egypt for Kids

Links selected by: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

The following links provide resources to support elementary school students' investigations into modern-day Egypt. These resources were selected for the emerging-level questioning reading comprehension strategy lesson from Collaborative Strategies for Teaching Reading Comprehension: Maximizing Your Impact (Chapter 5).

This is Zackary's drawing of camels.

We learned there are no more camels on the streets of Cairo.
by Zackary

Color Me Egypt:
This Web site was created to give young people a kid's eye view of Egypt. It includes information about Egypt's history, monuments, ancient religion, life in ancient and modern Egypt, activities and games, and story book, which offers a selection of full-length fiction and short stories about Egypt. There is also a blog hosted by Amira, a 14-year-old Egyptian girl.

Especially for this lesson, visit:
"What's a Kid to Do (On Tour in Egypt)" - Part I: An Introduction and In and Around Cairo"

This is Siera's drawing of an Egyptian building.

This is an Egyptian building.
by Siera


This is the word "Ahmed" written by Teagan.

This is how Ahmed wrote his name in Arabic.
by Teagan

Cultural Park for Kids
Tour Egypt.net offers this look at the Cultural Park for Children in Cairo. Children will marvel at the intricate architectural features of the park. Educators will note that the park includes libraries, a health clinic, and more.



This is Leevi's donkey.

A donkey pulled Ahmed's cart.
by Leevi

This is Korolos's map of Egypt.

The Nile River is the longest river in the world.
by Korolos
(who was born in Egypt).

Travel for Kids
The Travel for Kids Egypt page includes a bibliography of books about Egypt, including The Day of Ahmed's Secret.




This is Katya's camel caravan drawing.

This is a caravan of camels.
by Katya

This is Damian's drawing of the Egyptian flag.

There is a golden hawk in the center of the Egyptian flag.
by Damian

This is Aaron's drawing of a camel and rider.

Tourists like to take camel rides in Egypt today.
by Aaron


The illustrations on this page were drawn by first-grade students from Desert Springs School in Tucson, Arizona after they had read The Day of Ahmed's Secret (Heide/Gilliland and Lewin). Before, during, and after the reading, they posed questions. These drawings represent some of the answers to their questions.

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