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Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact

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Contributing to a Culture of Collaboration

This book is dedicated "with gratitude to the expert and generous colleagues who have propelled my own development as an educator." There are truly hundreds of classroom teacher and teacher-librarian colleagues (not to mention thousands of students) who were my teachers over the course of my career in teacher-librarianship.


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The Metaphor of the Elephant

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Reading Comprehension Strategies
AASL's Standards for the 21st-century Learner

I believe that collaborative teaching is the best way to support students in their literacy development during school hours and the best way for educators to improve their instructional practices. Like the world's complex problems, the challenges of 21st-century literacy learning will not be accomplished by individuals working in isolation from one another. Working together, educators can plan, implement, monitor, adjust, and assess instruction that will have a greater impact on student learning. Through this book and my work with practicing educators, I am dedicated to contributing to a culture of collaboration.

Coteaching is also the best way to foster a culture of collaboration among educators. While coteaching, classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, coaches, and specialists teach their own students and curriculum while using actual resources at their disposal. Coplanning, coteaching, and coassessing lessons and units of instruction creates a context for shared reflection. In my experience, educators can develop more effective strategies for teaching when they share this responsibility with colleagues with whom they have jointly taught. Coteaching is authentic, practical, and effective professional development. Job-embedded professional development makes sense.

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Launched: March 2007
Updated: 1 June 2013

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