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Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact

Workshops and Presentations for Educators

Workshops and Presentations

Professional Development Opportunities

I facilitate professional development opportunities for classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, and literacy specialists. My workshops include hands-on learning experiences, resources to use on Monday morning, and online support for continued learning. Attendees learn strategies for teaching and coteaching reading comprehension and information literacy and for integrating technology tools into lessons and units of study.

A one-day workshop can touch briefly on all seven strategies or focus on one strategy chosen by the participants. The comprehensive course of seven or eight sessions allows participants to practice what they've learned and return to the next session to share their successes and ask questions before studying the next strategy.

In the workshops, I share children's literature, oral stories, and anecdotes about my experiences as a classroom-library collaborating educator. I share photographs of classroom teachers and teacher-librarians coteaching strategy lessons. I provide examples of student work as well as offer testimonials from classroom teachers, teacher-librarians, and principals regarding the impact of collaboration on both student and adult learning.

As an advocate for effective and integrated school library programs, I also offer keynote speeches that speak to the value of integrating authentic children's literature in the curriculum, classroom-library collaboration, and 21st-century literacy learning and teaching.

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