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Pathfinder: Emperor Penguins

Links selected by: Judi Moreillon, Ph.D.

The following links provide resources to support elementary school students' investigations into emperor penguins.

Brenna's penguin painting
by Brenna

Australian Government - Antarctic Division
This site includes information about Emperor penguins and links to other pages about the Antarctic region.

Australian Museum Online
This "Wild Kids: Animals of Antarctica" page about Emperor penguins has fast facts as well as several paragraphs of information that is accessible to advancing readers.

Madison's Penguin Painting
by Madison

Miles' penguin painting
by Miles

International Penguin Conservation Work Group (IPCWG)
This site has information about 17 species of penguins and environmental threats to their habitats. The site includes an invitation to adopt a penguin for $39 a year.

National Geographic - Creature Feature: Emperor Penguins
This site includes fun facts, audio and video clips, a map of Emperor penguin habitat, and an electronic penguin postcard. From this site you can also access links to the film March of the Penguins, including a movie trailer, a coloring book, and more in-depth information about both Adelie and Emperor penguins.


Alix's painting of a father and baby penguin
by Alix

Penguins Around the World
This site is very student-friendly. It includes a slideshow, information about penguin habitats, two online quizzes, an electronic penguin treasure hunt, and other learning activities. There are lesson plans, collaborative ideas, and resources for educators as well.

Alix's penguin painting
by Alix

Stephanie's penguin painting
by Stephanie


Small Wonders - Seaworld/Busch Gardens Baby Page
This page has a series of adorable images of a baby Emperor penguin from one to four weeks old.

Wikipedia - Emperor Penguins
Link to an article about Emperor penguins that includes engaging photographs.


Second- and third-grade students at Gale Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona, contributed the penguin paintings to this page. Tracy Lynn Ross is their art instructor.


Tanner's penguin painting
by Tanner

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